Elsewhere: Clinton, Spitzer, Giuliani

The Atlantic thinks Rudy Giuliani would reach for more power once in the White House than any other presidential candidate.

There may be some trouble with DMV machines that are supposed to detect phony documents.

There’s more on that story here too.

George Pataki is living off the money he raised for his political PAC.

Charles Barron is angry he can’t talk about nooses.

Randi Weingarten is about to become harder to ignore.

Blogger Phil Anderson agrees with former Newsday writer Larry Levy’s criticism of Eliot Spitzer.

Rudy Giuliani’s face is a popular mask for Halloween [Spanish].

The mother of the Democratic district attorney candidate on Staten Island passed away.

In New Jersey, more corrupt officials went to jail.

Tom Tancredo is accused of “bigotry and hatred.”

John McCain tries getting some mileage out of his anti-Hillary message.

Hillary gets support from a Catholic college.

The Nation misses Russ Feingold.

Chris Cillizza wonders who’s next in line to run now that Bob Kerrey is out of the way.

I missed this in the morning, but the New York Times quotes an old New York Sun editorial about a New York governor who was “self-destroyed–in fact, self-convicted.”

And pictured above is some political signage from a local race just outside Utica.

Elsewhere: Clinton, Spitzer, Giuliani