Elsewhere: Clinton, Spitzer, NYER

“New York’s plan to create three types of driver’s licenses, including one for illegal immigrants, has everyone talking _ everyone except the state’s Democratic senators, Hillary Rodham Clinton and Charles Schumer,” writes the AP.

“New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg spends a lot of his time trying to get people to stop killing themselves,” writes the New York Times editorial board on their blog.

Reform NY picks up on what Bob Zuckerman told me about sources of income for City Council members.

In the comments section, NYER says John Liu is “the only one who seems to really rally for minorities.”

Mitt Romney told Hannity and Colmes that Hillary Clinton “hasn’t run anything, and the government of the United States is not a place for a president to be an intern.” (No link, but the headline on the FOX News release was “MITT ROMNEY COMPARES HILLARY CLINTON TO AN “INTERN” ON FOX NEWS CHANNEL.”)

Ben notices an emerging criticism of Barack Obama from the wonky left.

Dick Parsons may be preparing to run for mayor.

Hillary Clinton is missing some votes.

James Tedisco didn’t rule out running for Congress.

A Brooklyn Democratic club will have a town hall meeting this weekend about the Iraq War.

In New Jersey, Rudy Giuliani will campaign for a New Jersey legislator.

Giuliani’s control of his mayoral archive helped his presidential campaign.

At Trinity Church, people are trying to set up a debate between Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama in Harlem.

The Albany County District Attorney has not taken a position on Eliot Spitzer’s driver’s license plan.

Supermarket titan and mayoral candidate John Catsimatidis doesn’t like the new rule on plastic bags at supermarkets.

Greg Sargent has info on the “South Carolina Hatchet Men.”

Adam Green covers a fake FEMA press conference.

And pictured above are two people who protested Eliot Spitzer’s driver’s license plan.

Elsewhere: Clinton, Spitzer, NYER