Elsewhere: Clinton, Spitzer, Rangel

charlie rangel

Mark Mellman doesn’t think much of national polls, or Hillary Clinton’s lead.

Megan Chuchmach didn’t miss the congestion pricing hearing in Manhattan the other night.

Michael Bloomberg and the mayor of London discuss financial issues.

Eliot Spitzer may quote James Taylor, but he inspires the rockers.

In the comments section, Karol Sheinin corrects me about her writing habits–“I am still blogging at full capacity”–but says she is focusing more on national politics.

Ben notes a crack in Barack Obama’s support in Chicago.

Arianna Huffington says that “Democrats have all the votes they need to stop the war.”

One day after Hillary Clinton’s big bash in Harlem, John Edwards will have a conference call with supporters.

A Washington Times writer says New York clerks are protecting our borders.

Ron Paul is going bigtime in New Hampshire.

There’s some doubt about a third-party candidacy in 2008.

And pictured above is Charlie Rangel, who is appearing with Hillary Clinton this weekend, but may not get her support on his major tax overhaul. Elsewhere: Clinton, Spitzer, Rangel