Elsewhere: Clinton, Thompson, Wrobleski

Hillary Clinton tells Mike Tomasky that if elected, she’ll review and possibly limit the executive power of the White House.

Rudy Giuliani, in Boston, said he’s rooting for the Red Sox.. Which is confusing.

A Chicago Sun columnist says that although his city is looking for more tourists, they “should — under no circumstances — go the repellent Disney route that NYC has taken in a launch television commercial from Bartle Bogle Hegarty/New York.”

Bill Thompson questioned whether there was “sustained growth in reading and math scores.”

The state Division of the Budget has a series of budget hearings coming up in Albany.

The only person on death row in New York has a victory in court.

Ben looks at the “uncomfortable co-habitation in the Democratic Party of some religiously conservative African-Americans and a majority of gays.”

Liz captures the moment when Michael Balboni’s words come back into play in Albany.

Liz Krueger, Pete Grannis and others are hosting a forum on climate change tonight.

DL21C is hosting Washington State Democratic Governor Christine Gregoire at Opal Lounge in Manhattan.

Tom Wrobleski takes us inside the editorial meetings with two Staten Island District Attorney candidates.

Colleague Doree Shafrir wonders if there’s some audience fatigue with celebrity news sites.

Tom Acitellli finds someone defending Bianca Jagger’s right to have a rent-stabilized apartment on Park Avenue.

Jerry Skurnik keeps beating up on the New York Post.

Rochester Turning questions the legal residency of a local official there.

Kos doesn’t like what is happening in California.

John Desio reads the latest report from the Anti-Defamation League.

Dennis Kucinich’s office has no comment on a story claiming he “heard directions in his mind” from a UFO.

And pictured above is Marty Markowitz testifying at a hearing held by the Department for the Aging. Elsewhere: Clinton, Thompson, Wrobleski