Elsewhere: Obama, Spitzer, Skurnik

The Al Gore speculation waxes.

Jerry Skurnik notes an important deadline.

Eliot Spitzer likes the idea of the IRS investigating Joe Bruno.

Virginia Apuzzo, once the highest ranking lesbian in the Clinton White House, is Sheldon Silver’s pick to be on the Commission on Public Integrity, he announced today.

DMI liveblogs an event this morning.

Barack Obama said Hillary Clinton is vague on the torture issue.

An Obama spokesman wonders what happened to the politics of chatting.

Gays and lesbians are angry at James Tedisco.

Niki Tsongas gets attacked for supporting a Spitzer-esque message.

Liz Krueger blogs about global warming.

An audience at the Asia Societyopposed the idea of welcoming illegal immigrants.

A blogger is running for office.

And pictured above is Eliot Spitzer whispering in the ear of Malcolm Smith, taken by Queens photographer Ira Cohen at Greg Meeks’ fund-raiser.

Elsewhere: Obama, Spitzer, Skurnik