Elsewhere: Spitzer, Bloomberg, Giuliani

Michael Bloomberg has given a lot of money to his former aide now running for congress.

Tom DiNapoli said he’ll cooperate fully with the S.E.C.’s investigation of the pension fund scandal.

Jerry Skurnik looks at the official primary results.

Dan Donovan is concerned about the turnout in his upcoming race.

In the comments section, Michael Benjamin says, “It must be a slow morning when a Rangel "observation" is news.”

In New Jersey, Barack Obama gets organized.

Obama gets support form author Alice Walker because “good writing matters.”

A West point graduate got out of military service in Iraq as a “conscientious objector.”

The Suffolk County legislature is online now.

Ravi Batra is catching some heat for his free work.

And above is a clip Greg Sargent dug up of Rudy Giuliani telling Charlie Rose he’s really not a Republican mayor.

Elsewhere: Spitzer, Bloomberg, Giuliani