Elsewhere: Spitzer, Bloomberg, McNulty

Anonymous commenters, who can have their say on this web site, have a reason to celebrate.

Paul Broun wants to revoke Eliot Spitzer’s license to govern.

Spitzer unveiled a plan to help boost the upstate economy.

On Dale Hemmerdinger’s severed association with the Harmonie Club, Ed Koch said, “How foolish to resign.”

Doug Ireland of Gay City News says Barack Obama is “just a bloviating empty suit from the Windy City.”

The Nation writes about the NYC Department of Education forcing out the principle of the Khalil Gibran school in an article called “The New McCarthysim.”

Bloomberg is hosting a fund-raiser for Peter Vallone, Jr.

Merrill Lynch may sell its 20 percent stake in the private company founded by Michael Bloomberg.

Using Chuck Norris’ metaphor of Mike Huckabee as King David, Adam Green says Rudy Giuliani is Goliath, Hillary Clinton is King Saul, “and anybody who votes is God.”

A Working Families Party leader in Suffolk loses a fight in court.

Phil Ragusa has a tough job, according to columnist William Lewis.

Phil Anderson doesn’t likes Louise Slaughter’s position on S-CHIP.

Upstate prison populations and legislative redistricting were discussed in a little-publicized meeting covered by Rick Karlin.

In the comments section, Princess Duck speculates that the fact that Stringer has a top-tier consultant like Josh Isay is evidence that he’s not running for re-election.

In New Jersey, Frank Lautenberg announced that Jon Corzine and Bob Menendez will chair his campaign.

Jimmy Vacca exercises with seniors.

And pictured above is Mike McNulty, who may be leaving his congressional seat. Elsewhere: Spitzer, Bloomberg, McNulty