Elsewhere: Spitzer, Cuomo, Gotbaum

Eliot Spitzer is leading a lawsuit against the Bush administration over health insurance for children.

Condi Rice rules out a run for national office.

Democrats are divided on Eliot Spitzer’s plan to allow illegal immigrants to get driver’s licenses.

State Party chairwoman June O’Neill downplayed the division on the issue.

There are more questions than answers surrounding the death of Betsy Gotbaum’s daughter-in-law.

The woman, Carol Anne Gotbaum, was on her way to rehab when she had an outburst in a Phoenix airport.

There are some pay raises going around the Staten Island District Attorney’s office.

In the comments section, democratic grup has more information about political job opportunities.

In New Jersey, a candidate is accused of hiding his political experience.

Gatemouth discusses, at length, John McCain, Rudy Giuliani, and the first presidential candidate he ever voted for.

Jennifer 8 Lee joins Sewell Chan in New York Times blogworld.

There’s a resolution in congress praising Rush Limbaugh.

John Edwards has lost his chief media consultant, Marius Penczner.

Barack Obama appeared in Florida and has a hard time ignoring a reporter.

Delaware County has new Democratic leadership.

And pictured above is Andrew Cuomo speaking at the Garden City Hotel. Elsewhere: Spitzer, Cuomo, Gotbaum