Expert: Courts Unlikely to Look Kindly on Dopp Tactic

So, what to make of Darren Dopp’s refusal to obey a subpoena from the state legislature, claiming executive privilege?

“I don’t see anything specific that’s going to be directly related to this,” said Peter Galie, chair of the department of political science at Caisius College in Buffalo, after skimming through a copy of the state constitution in his office.

“It’s all going to be inferences from logical constructs that can be developed from certain basic provisions like ‘faithfully execute’ and ‘the executive power.’”

With what result?

“My bet is I would be surprised if the courts upheld this,” Galie said, referring to the governor’s claim of executive privilege. “Unless the governor can demonstrate very clearly that this is going to be such an intrusive request for information that it’s going to make it difficult for him to do his job, or for bureaucrats to do their job, he’s going to lose.”

UPDATE: I tried getting the thoughts of another legal expert, Attorney General Andrew Cuomo. Via email, his spokesman declined to comment on the situation. Expert: Courts Unlikely to Look Kindly on Dopp Tactic