Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close: Fox Business Network Launches Website

The Fox Business Network launched its website late this afternoon, and here's some advice: turn your volume down before you type in the URL—www.foxbusiness.com–because when the intro video starts there will be lots of guitars almost immediately. The riffs are huge and merciless, we are warning you! Also there is at least one lightning bolt and a booming voiceover: “The most powerful name in news is now doing business."

Inside the actual site, top billing goes to some short videos starring David Asman, Alexis Glick, and Neil Cavuto. Mr. Asman speaks mainly about how FBN will be “jargon-free” and approachable to the man on the street: “We shouldn’t use a lot of fancy jargon and lingo that you find on the other channels, because that’s not what America’s about. America is about making the market accessible to everyone and we’re gonna be about the same thing.”

Ms. Glick, meanwhile, talks about her experience on Wall Street as a trader at Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley. Making the transition to television, she says, is “a treat” because it’ll give her the “opportunity to translate some of those terms and those realities into the real life world.”

Interestingly, the “real world” rhetoric reappears in Mr. Cavuto’s video, in which the "start-up veteran" touts Fox’s dominance and unambiguously promises to crush CNBC. “Fox enters this war, if you will, armed with the five top business shows on TV, we’ve got them,” he says. “Through News Corporation we’re everywhere — we’re in Asia, we’re in Europe, we’re in Latin America…we have resources unlike any on the planet and I think that gives you sort of an unrivaled sense of what’s going on—not only in the real world but also in the financial world.” Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close: Fox Business Network Launches Website