Fabiola On China: ‘Feel the Oppression!’

Fabiola Beracasa just returned from a trip to Beijing, where the socialite was a special guest at a Karl Lagerfeld for that Fendi fashion show atop the Great Wall.

Last night she was wearing suede boots, short pantaloons and a corseted top—all black and all Fendi—to a ball to benefit RXArt, a charity that puts art in hospitals, that was held on the third floor of a brick building on the corner of West 15th St. and Tenth Ave..

“You felt the oppression there,” she told The Daily Transom. “I had a video camera and, you know, I was told by several of the media people from Fendi to be careful, that I may be questioned about it, and just like, the way the city is—these giant roads, these giant buildings—you feel the oppression!”

“I can’t explain it in so many words, but you feel that people are very cautious about what they say.”

But that won’t stop her from visiting again.

“I’m going back in December … for Christmas vacation!” she said as her boyfriend Jason Beckman, a money man at Deutsche Bank, looked at the art on the walls a few feet away.

“I had no time to really see that much Chinese art. I got the gist of Chinese art while you were there. I did go to the Forbidden City and that’s like a work of art in and of itself. Its and amazing experience, it’s a once-in-a-lifetime experience and I’m thrilled that I went.”

So what kind of art makes a more frequent appearance in Ms. Beracasa’s life? “My mother”—Veronica Hearst—“collects Old Masters, and I’m very familiar with them; I grew up around them. I really like photography; I love Cindy Sherman, I have some Cindy Sherman … I can’t even say, for me, art is very objective. If I like it and it strikes me, then I would buy it. I don’t really look at who made it.”

Fabiola On China: ‘Feel the Oppression!’