Fired by Obama, Seton Hall students still like Alexander

Mark Alexander, fired this week as the national Policy Director of Barack Obama’s campaign for the 2008 Democratic presidential nomination, is among the more popular professors at Seton Hall Law School, according to the website

Alexander was given a consolation prize — he’ll be Obama’s campaign manager in New Jersey. One interesting test to see if Alexander is really running the campaign: will he resume teaching at the law school in Janaury, a month before the New Jersey primary.

Among the most politically active Seton Hall law professors, the most popular is Paula Franzese, who chairs the State Ethics Commission. Her students have her a 4.8 ranking (out of a possible 5), among the best of any professor. Alexander is at a 4.3 and Assemblyman Bill Baroni is at 4.2.

Two legislators who are also tenured law professors received rankings just “average” rankings: State Senator Robert Martin is at 3.0 and Assemblyman Wilfredo Caraballo at 2.5. Martin did not seek re-election, and Caraballo lost his bid for an eigth term in the Democratic primary.

The Law School Dean, Patrick Hobbs, who serves on the State Commission on Investigation and was mentioned in 2005 as a possible candidate for state Attorney General, was at 3.9.

Students also rated the physical appearance of the professors — hot or not. Alexander, Franzese and Baroni were considered hot looking, but Hobbs, Martin and Caraballo were not.

Fired by Obama, Seton Hall students still like Alexander