FOP calls on Lonegan to resign

Angry over his accusation that Bogota police were racial profiling when they found illegal immigrants working on his property, The New Jersey Fraternal Order of Police (FOP) has called for the resignation of Bogota mayor and conservative activist Steve Lonegan.

Lonegan had hired two men who turned out to be Guatemalan illegal immigrants to assemble political lawn signs in a vacant garage. Lonegan claimed that the police must have seen two Hispanic men on his property and seen it as a chance to get even with him after negotiations fell through between the town and the police force regarding lifetime medical benefits.

“Instead of showing courage and leadership by admitting to his mistake and apologizing, Lonegan despicably invented a damaging story about his own police force,” said FOP President Edward Brannigan. “In hiring illegal aliens, Lonegan betrayed his own rhetoric. In lying about his own police force, Lonegan showed he is capable of disgraceful tactics to protect his own selfish interests. In doing both, Lonegan has exposed himself as a fraud.”

Lonegan scoffed at the call for his resignation, chalking it up to his adversarial relationship with public unions.

“This is a reaction to my book Putting Taxpayers First, where I expose the intimidation tactics police and other public employee unions use to pressure public officials,” read a statement issued by Lonegan. “In this case, their attempt is part of a scheme to gain lifetime medical benefits for police officers with six figure salaries who retire in their late 40s, plus lifetime health benefits for their survivor spouses and I refuse to give in. They can't wait until I am out of office in two months because they believe that the next Mayor will simply roll over and give them whatever they want.”

FOP calls on Lonegan to resign