Gay Obama Supporter on “Crappy” Obama Campaign

More on that controversy over Barack Obama’s inclusion of Donnie McClurken, a gospel singer who is considered anti-gay, in his South Carolina gospel tour:

A prominent LGBT community supporter of Obama, who will be on a scheduled conference tomorrow with campaign manager David Plouffe and deputy Steve Hildebrand, told me, "This clearly demonstrates what a crappy campaign staff this is outside the arena of finance."

"The person who came up with this idea and the people who approved it should be held accountable. The question is will Barack hold anyone accountable for this."

The supporter said, "The headlines are terrible that he has this anti-gay gospel singer with him on the tour," and "if McClurken is really vitriolic and virulent in his comments, then Barack has a serious problem."

According to the supporter, Obama now either risks upsetting and potentially alienating his gay and lesbian supporters or, if he distances himself from McClurken, he risks aggravating the black community in South Carolina.

"It’s a choice that now has to happen," said the supporter. "And proper staff workers would have insured that this problem would not have arisen."



  Gay Obama Supporter on “Crappy” Obama Campaign