G.O.P.’s Last, Worst Hope

To the Editor:

Re “What Mitt Romney Doesn’t Need: A Furious John McCain” [Oct. 29]:

Republican presidential candidate John McCain says that the latest Osama bin Laden message is “a clear sign that we are succeeding in Iraq.”

I think the fact that Osama bin Laden is still making videos is a clear sign that we are focusing on the wrong enemy. (Hint to Republicans—Osama isn’t in Iraq.)

I would say the fact that Bush is asking for billions of dollars more to fund the occupation is a clear sign that we are not succeeding in Iraq.

The problem with Republicans like Mr. McCain is that they no longer have any idea what success is.

I remember when the Republicans stood for less government and balanced budgets.

With the high cost of oil and a soaring national debt, I think that we should be looking for a president who at least understands what success is, because what Republicans call success is destroying America.

Marc Perkel
San Bruno, Calif. G.O.P.’s Last, Worst Hope