Greenstein anticipates receiving rescue funds, but ELEC won’t confirm

Dr. Frederick Hermann, the Executive Director of the New Jersey Election Law Enforcement Commission (ELEC), today again would not confirm or deny that Assemblywoman Linda Greenstein received rescue funds for her Fair and Clean Elections legislative campaign in the 14th district.

Greenstein is confident her campaign has properly submitted the forms showing why she should qualify for $100,000 in aid.

"It’s my understanding that we’re receiving the funds," said Assemblywoman Linda Greenstein, "but we haven’t gotten a check yet."

Greenstein said her campaign was still submitting information connected to her application for rescue funds as late as yesterday, including a transcription of the radio ad Common Sense America is running.

The information concerning ELEC’s ruling on Greenstein’s submission, which Hermann on Tuesday said he believed would be posted on the commission’s website today, was not on the site this morning.

Hermann said the staff – not the ELEC commissioners – render a decision on the submission by a candidate for ELEC rescue funds, and today would not say whether the staff has made a decision in this case. He said the commission will review the staff’s decision at the commissioners’ next regularly scheduled meeting, which is Tuesday.

"They review everything," Hermann said.

The law allows up to $100,000 to match dollar-for-dollar what was spent on the independent expenditure – in Greenstein’s case to combat ads run by a conservative group, Common Sense America, which bought $125,000 worth of ads from New Jersey 101.5.

Greenstein anticipates receiving rescue funds, but ELEC won’t confirm