Greenstein gets rescue funds

The Election Law Enforcement Commission has decided that Assemblywoman Linda Greenstein will get $100,000 in rescue funds after an out-of-state group began targeting her with radio advertisements and phone calls, according to her campaign.

The money will be added to the $526,375 in public funds Greenstein already has from the Fair and Clean Elections Pilot Project. The group that has been targeting Greenstein, Common Sense America, falls under the 501(c)4 section of the tax code and is registered in Virginia. The group, which will not divulge who funds it, has reportedly purchased $125,000 in radio advertisements.

Meyers was not certain when exactly the group would get the money.

"It is disheartening that this group obviously does not respect the Clean Elections program or the hundreds of people who have worked so hard to make this program a success," said Greenstein Campaign Manager Liz Meyers.

Common Sense America head Brian Brown was defiant, pledging that his group will continue its "public education programs."

"Rather than explain, defend, or change her tax-and-spend record in the legislature, Linda Greenstein did what she always does – asked the taxpayer to foot the bill," said Brown.

  Greenstein gets rescue funds