Hazel Gluck’s possible conflicts

Governor Jon "Hold Me Accountable/Zero Tolerance" Corzine has named lobbyist Hazel Gluck to the New Jersey Public Officers Salary Review Commission. Some pundits say the nomination has the potential for numerous conflicts: the Public Officers Salary Review Commission reviews the salaries of the Governor and cabinet officers, which means, arguably, that she can help set the salaries of the people she lobbies.

Here are some potential examples:

Gluck Client: Kean University
Gluck Conflict: Education Commissioner Lucille Davy

Gluck Client: Jersey Central Power & Light
Gluck Conflict: New Jersey Board of Public Utilities

Gluck Client: MBIA Insurance Corporation
Gluck Conflict: Banking and Insurance Commissioner Steven Goldman

Gluck Client: Hudson Bergen Light Rail
Gluck Conflict: Transportation Commissioner Kris Kollur

Gluck Client: Medical Society of New Jersey
Gluck Conflict: Health and Senior Services Commissioner Fred Jacobs

Gluck Client: GlaxoSmithKline
Gluck Conflict: Governor Jon Corzine

Gluck Client: Six Flags Great Adventure
Gluck Conflict: Acting Community Affairs Commissioner Joseph Doria

Gluck Client: Edgewood Properties, Inc.
Gluck Conflict: Environmental Protection Commissioner Lisa Jackson

Gluck Client: Advocates for New Jersey History
Gluck Conflict: Secretary of State Nina Mitchell Wells

Gluck Client: March of Dimes, North Jersey Chapter
Gluck Conflict: Human Services Commissioner Jennifer Velez

Gluck Client: Associated Humane Societies
Gluck Conflict: Agriculture Secretary Charles Kuperus

Gluck Client: ABC Bail Bonds
Gluck Conflict: In New Jersey, among state officials, potentially, numerous

Hazel Gluck’s possible conflicts