Hey, Richard! Where’s Hillary?

No mention anywhere in Page Six of Hillary Clinton’s 60th birthday party? While the Daily News dedicated both gossip columns to the fete, the Post only ran one item on Ms. Clinton’s birthday in today’s paper, and it begins:

“Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton mocked GOP rival Rudy Giuliani last night for his status as a Red Sox rooter, telling a crowd of thousands at a 60th-birthday bash that she isn’t ‘looking to curry favor’ with anyone.”

Huh. We’re pretty sure that when Rupert Murdoch threw his new channel, FBN, a party for turning nine-days-old the other night, Page Six was there. Then again, there were other pressing news items, like Ellen’s 10% post-Iggy-weep ratings hike, to report on. Hey, Richard! Where’s Hillary?