Hikind and Lazar Close to the Line

Remember that publicly funded mailing sent by Assemblyman Dov Hikind’s office which includes the name and photo of possible Council contestant Joe Lazar?

Well, Lazar is a bit closer to being an official candidate than I realized.

He has two committees set up with the state Board of Elections.

UPDATE: I asked State Board of Elections spokesman Lee Daghlian what the official position was on this, and he told me that a non-candidate can establish committees without losing non-candidate status.

"You’re not there yet until you file nominating petitions," he said. "So you’re not there yet officially. Even then, you have to clear any challenges
to your petitions."

Which means that, depending on the petition challenges, a person’s status as an official candidate may not be meet this standard until days before their
  Hikind and Lazar Close to the Line