How Patricia Field ‘Experiences’ Sarah Jessica Parker’s Body

Patricia Field, Sex and the City’s controversial costume designer (who has become largely famous for her often zany clothing choices for Sarah Jessica Parker’s character Carrie Bradshaw) can’t imagine dressing a more ideal body than Ms. Parker’s.

“Sarah Jessica Parker has the best body that I have experienced and probably will experience in the future, because I mean, she’s just got great proportion, great tone, great movement, grace,” she continued, “She’s got long legs, a high ass. She’s miniature, but it’s all perfect.”

Last night at Carnegie Hall’s “interSEXtion” after-party for The Notables—the institution’s membership program for young music enthusiasts—Ms. Field showed up at D’Or at Amalia on West 57th Street wearing a white faux-fur jacket over a black miniskirt and tank top. She had just come from a panel discussion, moderated by our very own Simon Doonan, where Ms. Field was joined by the likes of designer Zac Posen, photographer Mark Seliger, rocker Tommy Ramone and lifestyle entrepreneur Damon Dash. Ms. Field’s sparkly pink purse was about the size of a lipstick bag, so she had wedged her black Motorola cell phone between a couple of very tan breasts.

Ms. Field did go on to say that she is aware of critics who claim that her fashion sorcery is, ultimately, less than alchemic. “I don’t say anything to them, because basically I don’t really have a face-to-face confrontation with people that say those things, or that say they love it. I don’t really respond to it, because, otherwise, what would I do?” she inquired, a pair of sunglasses tucked into her raspberry-red mane. “I don’t really think about any of that. I just try to think about what makes sense to me and hopefully others will like it; I’m not really that concerned,” she added confidently.

Ms. Field, who owns a clothing boutique on the Bowery, said that her favorite designers were probably John Galliano and Diane von Furstenberg—the former designer for his “air of theatrics and fantasy” and Ms. Von Furstenberg because “she makes clothes that women can wear.”

How Patricia Field ‘Experiences’ Sarah Jessica Parker’s Body