American Idol Creator Wins Two Plaza Condos for $19.4 M.

Creating American Idol; managing the Spice Girls and then the Beckham couple; buying the rights to Madonna’s first hit single; and discovering woozy chanteuse Amy Winehouse—it all gets you a very immense New York apartment.

Simon Fuller just paid $19,360,752 and 34 cents for two ninth-floor condos, each over $9.9 million, at the Plaza.

“He provided me with an introduction to a young lady called Victoria Adams,” David Beckham wrote about Mr. Fuller in this year’s Time 100. Plus: “[D]espite being a nice guy and a modest character, he’s also a real fighter for what he believes in. I admire him for that.”

Modest Mr. Fuller signed a contract for his first Plaza apartment on Halloween last year, just as he was taking over ex-supermodel Claudia Schiffer’s career. He signed for his neighboring apartment in March, two years after selling his entertainment company for around $192 million. Both closed earlier this month.

Only one Plaza spread (a massive array of apartments that cost more than $50 million) has officially sold for more than Mr. Fuller’s sum, city records show, though more gargantuan deals are rumored.

All the just-renovated Plaza apartments come with a “one touch, high resolution, wireless flat-panel display” for controlling “interior ambience”—plus concierge and security. Considering that Mr. Fuller bought two condos, one can only hope he’ll get two display panels.

The 47-year-old has reportedly split his time between houses in London, L.A. and, of course, the south of France. But those properties didn’t drain him: According to New York records, he hasn’t taken out a mortgage on the Plaza purchase, which means he likely paid in cash. American Idol Creator Wins Two Plaza Condos for $19.4 M.