Details Affleck Correction Appears Inaccurate

Who actually misspoke?

Dan Peres, the editor-in-chief of Details magazine, wrote in an editor’s note in the letters section in the December issue: "Our November issue’s cover interview with Ben Affleck quoted him as saying, ‘I’ve gone out and directed a movie and made it really fucking good,’ about his movie Gone Baby Gone. Affleck never made such a statement."

But according to a spokeswoman for Details, the quote in the story—written by freelancer Bart Blasengame—was actually accurate. "The comments were taken out of context," said Lisa Dallos, a spokeswoman for Details. "There was absolutely nothing that was fabricated."

In that case, it would be Mr. Peres who was inaccurate.

An assistant for Mr. Peres said he was in meetings all day Tuesday. Ms. Dallos said he was not available for comment. The New York Post reported the news first on Tuesday and quoted a spokesman for Details saying that Mr. Peres and Mr. Affleck are "good friends."

When asked if Details would run a correction of their correction, the spokesperson wouldn’t comment. Mr. Blasengame did not yet return a message seeking comment. Details Affleck Correction Appears Inaccurate