Mother Jones Lures David Corn From The Nation

Using the Web, he said, “I can, on one level, compete with The New York Times and The Washington Post. The Internet has leveled the playing field in certain ways. So I’m hoping that Mother Jones can take advantage.”

And what about competing with his alma mater, The Nation?

On the day Mr. Corn’s departure was announced, another of The Nation’s Washington writers, Ari Berman, who authored a widely-praised May feature on Hillary Clinton’s campaign guru Mark Penn, relocated to The Nation’s New York headquarters, though he’ll continue to cover national politics.

Nation editor Katrina vanden Heuvel said she plans to replace Mr. Corn, and, hopefully Mr. Berman, quickly. Those two hires, along with Washington correspondent John Nichols, who spends about two weeks a month in the capital, and veteran liberal columnist William Greider, will allow her to “bring these components together in a four-person bureau of strength.”

Don’t look for a Mother JonesNation death match, though. The rising tide of anti-Bush sentiment is lifting a lot of boats, and both magazines—along with other titles, including The American Prospect, the Washington Monthly and In These Times—are members of The Media Consortium, which was launched last year by liberal opinion magazines to combine resources where possible. The group hired a Washington reporter earlier this year.


* These sentences have been corrected from an earlier version.

Mother Jones Lures David Corn From The Nation