In the Observer: Schumer, Spitzer, Battery Park

Chuck Schumer tells Jason Horowitz that bombing Iran is a losing political issue for Republicans. Schumer said, “I don’t think they are likely to do it, because they are so weak—not because they are chastened—but I also think it is very likely to be a negative political for them.”

I report on how Eliot Spitzer’s closest allies in Albany, the Democratic minority in the state Senate, are reacting to his latest driver’s license plan. “If the election was tomorrow, I would support a Republican against him,” state Senator Ruben Diaz, Sr. told me.

Matthew Schuerman FOILs records from the Battery Park City Authority and finds they’re very generous to civic and non-profit groups throughout the city and suburbs.

Joe Conason scolds the media for not picking up on Wayne Barrett’s scoop about Rudy Giuliani’s secret testimony to the 9/11 Commission.

Steve Kornacki, writing about Democrats’ prospects of controlling congress and the White House, says that things might go more smoothly between the branches than the last two times that happened.

On the rise of Mike Huckabee, Jennifer Rubin writes, “His odds of actually capturing the nomination are roughly equivalent to the chance that Rudy Giuliani would get through a debate without using the phrase “when I was mayor of New York City.”

Felix Gillette interviews a former ABC terrorism consultant who reportedly conducted fake interviews.

And John Koblin reports on the upcoming launch of Slate’s business web site.

In the Observer: Schumer, Spitzer, Battery Park