Is Your Broker A Perv? Should It Matter?

You probably already suspected that your broker was a crook: $4,000 commission on a one-bedroom apartment?!?! For surfing Craigslist? Come on!

But a sex offender?

Newsday reported this week: "Sex offenders with misdemeanor convictions can get real estate licenses." (Convicted felons cannot.)

“It’s giving a sex offender . . . a key to your house,” said Sen. Charles Fuschillo (R-Merrick), who, as head of the consumer protection committee, introduced a bill to close the misdemeanor loophole for sex offenders and require licenses to be revoked if agents are found guilty of misdemeanor sex crimes….

The pervy-friendly blog Sex Offenders Issues responded to the proposed legislation with outrage:

"Damn! What can they do? Why don’t you say, sorry, you sex offender just can’t live. You cannot eat, you cannot have a job, you cannot have a life, period. This is basically what you are all saying. When are you going to bust open the concentration camps created by Haliburton and fire up the ovens? I am so sick of this NAZI BS! When will the mass executions begin?"

Not to sound like a rapist-apologist (nobody wants a spare-key-equipped sex offender roaming around their homes) but why is the government strictly targeting the pervs?

By the same logic, aren’t there scores of other shady characters to be wary of key sharing?

An I.D. thief could do tremendous damage with a spare set. Ditto for a drug addict. Imagine: After blowing his entire 15-percent commission up his nose, a junkie broker could come back to pawn your laptop. Or worse–steal your own stash!

Should brokers undergo full F.B.I. background checks (as security guards do)? Random drug tests? Is Your Broker A Perv? Should It Matter?