Ivana Trump Invokes Spirit of Grace Kelly in Makeshift Casino

Last night at the Sotheby’s headquarters on the Upper East Side, all the stops were pulled for a Monaco casino-themed party in honor of Princess Grace Kelly. The late monarch’s jewelry and gowns were on display on two floors in the York Avenue building, and in the 7th floor auction hall—temporarily renamed for Steve Wynn, whose company donated to the event—people rolled dice, spun wheels and cheered giddily. (The chips were, of course, worthless.)

Near a baccarat table in a black dress, lots of jewels and a pink-gold watch like a spare tire, Ivana Trump put her hands in the air like she was playing the maracas. Her good fortune that night aside, Ms. Trump, 58, said she related to the tragedy of Ms. Grace’s untimely death. “She raised beautiful children, and unfortunately, what happened happened. It happened in my life two times actually—to my older fiancé, you know, he died in a car accident. I can relate to the trauma,” she told The Daily Transom. “She held on, and she’s in here with us.”

“I think she was an upstanding woman,” she continued. “She was beautiful, she was accomplished, she was smart, she was not dumb and I really appreciate it. She was American coming to Europe, and I am European, but they thought I was American coming to the Europe, so I can understand a little bit of the obstacles that she had!” Then, with a quick twirl, Ms. Trump was back at the table again and ready to roll. Ivana Trump Invokes Spirit of Grace Kelly in Makeshift Casino