Jose Rivera Likes Spitzer’s ID Plan

I just got off the phone with Assemblyman Jose Rivera, the Democratic County Leader of the Bronx about Eliot Spitzer’s three-tier driver’s license proposal. Rivera seems generally happy with it, but says that more on the congressional level needs to be done.

"I support Eliot Spitzer’s effort to provide driver’s licenses as a form of ID, while in this city, and this state,” he said. “Listen, this is a tough fight. It’s not an easy one. I don’t want to be on the side of ‘either my way or the highway.’ I don’t think that’s where Spitzer is at.”

He continued: "I think we should take this and continue to fight. We were not at this place two years ago with Pataki. They wanted no kind of licenses.

"If we’re able to accommodate hundreds of thousands of people who lost their licenses, we should work with what we have." Jose Rivera Likes Spitzer’s ID Plan