Karcher campaign: “Wire to the wire”

State Sen. Ellen Karcher wants to remind voters just how serious she is on ethics reform.

Karcher has named the final week of her campaign push the “wire to the wire,” a reference to the recording device she wore when she cooperated with the FBI on a corruption case in her home town of Marlboro.

“I am proud of record of accomplishments over the past four years and I enjoy every opportunity I get to meet with people to discuss my record on the issues affecting them, like reducing property taxes and continuing the fight for ethics reform,” said Karcher.

In a press release, the Karcher campaign said that she would be traveling across the 12th district, “highlighting her record and the endorsements she has received.” She will spend today in Marlboro, and will spend the rest of the afternoon at a Wawa and going door to door.

Tom Fitzimmons, campaign manager for Karcher opponent Jennifer Beck, said that it was overdue.

“If Ellen Karcher is going to highlight her record, I would say it’s about time,” said Fitzsimmons. “She spent the last two months attacking Jennifer Beck and running away from her record raising taxes and passing watered down ethics bills.” Karcher campaign: “Wire to the wire”