Kid Composer Proves Skills at Carnegie Hall

Jay Greenberg, the 15-year-old composer who got a big-time Sony recording contract last year, has scored again: His violin concerto had its world premiere Sunday at Carnegie Hall.

AP reports:

The work, which combines a teenager’s rambunctiousness with a mature master’s sophistication, shows that the 15-year-old composer is for real.

By the time Sony released Greenberg’s first CD in August 2006, he had already written more than 100 works, including five symphonies, 17 piano sonatas and three piano concertos.

The violin concerto, written for Bell and commissioned by the chamber orchestra for its 33rd season, is Greenberg’s first for the instrument.

”At one point in my life, I resolved that I would never write a violin concerto,” Greenberg said in the program notes. ”I no longer recall why exactly I made this resolution; perhaps it was sour grapes, as all of my attempts at violin writing up to that point had been failures.”


Kid Composer Proves Skills at Carnegie Hall