Koch on Spitzer, Driver’s Licenses

Ed Koch sees a reason that Eliot Spitzer and the New York Times want illegal immigrants to be able to obtain a driver’s license: It’s their way to recoup the gains they sought to get in an immigration bill that failed in congress.

From Koch’s latest column, emailed to readers this afternoon:

“I don’t know where Governor Spitzer stood on the Bush-McCain-Kennedy legislation, but I bet he supported it and is doing what he can with The Times to undo the unexpected and enormous defeat suffered by supporters of the self-designated “Grand Compromise.”

“If a general election were held today for the office of Governor, or in 2010, when it will, in fact, be held, any candidate who supports the granting of drivers licenses to illegal aliens would, I believe, go down to defeat.”

Spitzer and supporters of his plan say the issue is about public and roadway safety, not immigration.

Joe Bruno will be offering his own perspective on this issue on CNN tonight at 6:30 p.m.

Koch on Spitzer, Driver’s Licenses