Kristian Laliberte Responds!

After Kristian Laliberte read Paul Johnson-Calderon’s recent claims in the Daily Transom, the Unruly Heir publicist called us today to add his own two-cents on the matter.

First, responding to Mr. Johnson-Calderon’s insistence that the pair’s reality TV show was canned because of his work at Vogue, Mr. Laliberte explained: “The reason the show is not happening has nothing to do with Vogue and everything to do with a project that I’m working on. I can’t discuss it, but it’s 100% going forward,” he said.

(Mr. Laliberte then indicated that the Daily Transom might want to contact Vogue in order to find out if Mr. Johnson-Calderon was, as he purported, actually on staff at the magazine. We did; they said he used to be an intern assistant in the features department, but no longer works there.)

Mr. Laliberte was equally aghast at the suggestion that he ever tried to hit on Mr. Johnson-Calderon’s current boyfriend, Peter Davis. “The first time I met Paul was when he pushed me at a New Yorkers for Children benefit and said that I was hitting on Peter. I didn’t know who either of them were at that point!” Mr. Laliberte said. “I am glad that I’m friends with both of them, and I think they make an adorable couple. I have no doubt in my mind that at some point they’ll probably get married. I think Paul would make a wonderful father,” he said, before adding: “I mean, personally, I like guys who are my own age.”

Wrapping up his case with little-diminished fervor, Mr. Laliberte explained that he’s glad he no longer spends a lot of time with his onetime frenemy. “I’m just not into the late night scene. I think its great that Paul is young and having fun, I just have to get up for work every morning.”

Kristian Laliberte Responds!