Libertarian unhappy with government – including publicly funded elections

Libertarian Jason Scheurer of West Windsor claims the Clean and Fair Elections pilot program has been clean – but hardly fair.

A candidate for the Assembly in the 14th District who wants hiring freezes and no new taxes, Scheurer filed suit Wednesday in state Superior Court in Middlesex County against the New Jersey Election Law Enforcement Division and Gov. Jon Corzine.

In this largely publicly-funded elections district, Scheurer as a third-party candidate can only receive a tenth of what candidates in the two major parties are subject to get under the provisions of the elections pilot program.

He has qualified for and received $23,519 toward his campaign. He can receive up to $50,000, while each Democrat or Republican in the race can get up to $526,375 for his or her campaign.

“I’m fairly certain this will be overturned,” Scheurer said of the funding limit. “The question is are they going to expedite the situation in time” – before Election Day on Nov. 6th.

Running as a “liberal Republican and conservative Democrat,” his definition of a Libertarian – money manager Scheurer says he’s like Ross Perot in the 1992 presidential race and Ralph Nader in the 2000 presidential race: capable of playing the spoiler, and committed in his belief that the best efforts by the two major parties to repair government are hopeless.

Libertarian unhappy with government – including publicly funded elections