Lively Staten Island D.A. Ad

In case you needed a reminder that there’s a competitive election this year, here’s an ad from the Staten Island’s DA’s race.

It’s for the Democratic District Attorney candidate, Mike Ryan, and it features Jo Marie Damato, the mother of an alleged sexual assault victim whose case ended with the alleged perpetrator free.

“Donovan, you were wrong,” she says. “Thanks to you Mr. Donovan, there’s a sexual abuser walking the streets now.”

The incumbent in the race is Republican Dan Donovan, who is also coming under fire from his one-time employer, Jim Molinaro, the Borough President. Molinaro is unhappy Donovan didn’t get his grandson off on charges of assault.

A Ryan campaign aide said the spot will run 150 times on the most watched cable stations on Staten Island.

Lively Staten Island D.A. Ad