Loretta and Diane, Joe and Glenn

In New Jersey, where politicians are often beholden to party bosses, having a State Senator publicly feuding with their own County Chairman just weeks before a general election is a somewhat rare occurrence. This month, it’s happened twice, at opposite ends of the state.

State Senator Loretta Weinberg held a news conference to take on Bergen County Democratic Chairman Joseph Ferriero over what she calls government reform issues; Ferriero fought back, noting that Weinberg and her running mates are not exactly angels on some of the same things they want to reform. State Senator Diane Allen send out a letter this week chastising political mentor, former Bergen County GOP Chairman Glenn Paulsen.

The timing of Allen’s criticism comes at a bad time: the Burlington GOP is on defense as they seek to defend their twenty-year grip on the county courthouse, and in the reliably Republican eighth district, where Democrats are making a real play for a Senate seat and two Assembly seats. Loretta and Diane, Joe and Glenn