Mailer draws Levinson’s ire

Atlantic County Executive Dennis Levinson is seeing red over a campaign flyer sent by his opponent, Sheriff Jim McGettigan.

The flyer, which has a mock classified ad for Dennis Levinson, says that “Dennis Levinson's door is always open if you have enough cash,” and goes on to insinuate that he’s given no-bid contracts to vendors in exchange for campaign contributions.

Levinson was particularly bothered by what he saw as an insinuation that he acceptedg cash payments from the vendors in exchange for no-bid contracts.

“A public official can’t accept cash. (McGettigan) is in law enforcement. If I accepted cash, isn’t he honor-bound to go to the prosecutor with his evidence,” said Levinson. “If you’re accusing someone of accepting cash, you better have proof.”

Levinson went on to refute the idea that he did no-bid contracts, and said that many of them were approved by McGettigan’s running mate, Freeholder Joe Kelly.

Atlantic County Democratic Chairman Ron Ruff said that Levinson was too sensitive.

“He takes a campaign contribution, he puts it in the bank, that’s basically cash,” said Ruff. “He’s quibbling over a word.” Mailer draws Levinson’s ire