Monmouth Republicans hit freeholder candidate on ELEC reports

The Monmouth County Republicans today pointed out that freeholder candidate Stephen Schueler is under investigation by the Election Law Enforcement Commission for improper campaign filings during his 2000 Bradley beach mayoral campaign

But Democrats say that the problems were caused by a stolen treasury folder, and that Scheuler has been working with ELEC to clear up the matter.

A May, 2006 complaint filed by ELEC and provided by the Republicans cites eight counts against Schueler for filing late reports and failing to show what was done with his remaining funds.

“If Stephen Schueler can’t make sure his campaign files the correct paper work, how can he be trusted by the people of Monmouth County to run an over $400 million dollar government?” asked Monmouth County Republican spokesman John Raue.

Schueler spokesman Michael Mangan said that Schueler missed the quarterly fillings because his treasury folder was stolen from the back of his car in 2000. Schueler’s 2000 account remains dormant, with about $3,000 left in it that has not been moved in at least five years. Mangan added that Scueler has been working with ELEC to try to sort out the paperwork.

“The Republican Party is desperate. We’re a week out in the campaign, all four democrats were endorsed by the APP and the Republicans are scared,” said Mangan. “What Raue is referring to happened sevent years ago. What’s far more important is all the graft, corruption, cronyism and high taxes that the Republicans have done in the last seven years” Monmouth Republicans hit freeholder candidate on ELEC reports