More Democrats Who Aren’t Supporting the Spitzer Compromise

More evidence (if any were needed) of continuing uncertainty among Democrats about Eliot Spitzer’s plan to allow three tiers of driver’s licenses: two, for citizens, which will meet federal standards for identification, and a third, for documented and undocumented residents, that won’t.

Inez Dickens, a Democrat from Manhattan and Majority Whip in the City Council, told me yesterday that she’s still undecided about Spitzer’s plan.

“If we don’t allow licenses to be given, are we [going to] impact on the ability of all people to earn a living?” she told me.

"I haven’t formulated and decided for sure whether I support it or I don’t, the governor’s proposal, in the format that it is in. I am concerned, rather, about not giving the licenses. But on the other hand, there’s been some real issues and concerns raised by others about giving the license to everyone, and that means undocumented, because documented can indeed get a license."

Erik Dilan of Brooklyn, who has raised money for a possible legislative race, said he hasn’t taken a position on the issue yet.

“There is no clear consensus in my district,” he said. More Democrats Who Aren’t Supporting the Spitzer Compromise