More Rumors for Schnabel’s Village Palazzo

We were surprised to see more speculation in this morning’s Post about tenants in Julian Schnabel’s Palazzo Chupi on West 11th Street. This time it’s Richard Gere and wife, Carey Lowell, who have reportedly been seen in the West Village building “numerous times in the past few days”.

This may be the case, but the Post’s claim that Mr. Gere will first have to sell his Sullivan Street townhouse to buy one of Mr. Schnabel’s condos is way off base. Mr. Gere’s already sold that townhouse for a record $12.85 million, and we reported on the sale in June (and also in May, before it closed).

There is no end to the rumors about Schnabel’s pricey digs. The Post also mentions the reports from The Villager newspaper that Bono has purchased a place in the building. As we reported earlier this week, no city records show evidence of that sale.

In fact, there’s been one official sale in the Palazzo Chupi. Read about it here. More Rumors for Schnabel’s Village Palazzo