Nadler: Hillary ‘Exactly Right’ on Iran

Representative Jerry Nadler says that all the talk of Hillary Clinton paving the path to war with Iran by supporting a bill that labels the country’s Republican Guards as a terrorist organization amounts to “demogoguery on the part of her opponents.”

“That’s a minor thing,” he said of the bill. “I don’t think it’s very consequential.”

He said that Clinton was “exactly right” in arguing, as she did in today’s Foreign Affairs article, that the Bush administration offered “false choices” between ineffectual diplomacy and all out war.

(Lee Feinstein, national security advisor for the Clinton campaign, characterized the choice between wanting to “rush to war” and wanting to do “nothing.”)

Nadler said that negotiating with Iran made sense, as did imposing sanctions to impact their oil exports, with the aim of offering to lift those sanctions if they gave up their nuclear plans. The real danger, he said, would be creating a solidified opposition to America in the politically fractuous Iran by “threatening them militaristically. Then you’ll have Iranian solidarity.”

Nadler: Hillary ‘Exactly Right’ on Iran