New Eagleton poll shows Clinton leading Giuliani in New Jersey

In a general election match-up, Hillary Clinton leads Rudy Giuliani by 10 points in New Jersey — by a margin of 49% to 39% — according to a Rutgers-Eagleton poll released this morning.

Both candidates remain far ahead of the presidential pack in New Jersey, while President Bush’s approval rating plummeted to a new low of 19%.

Clinton leads her nearest Democratic rival, Barack Obama, amongst Democratic voters by 52% to 31%. That’s seven points higher than Clinton’s lead in the institute’s August poll. Other recent polls have her leading by similar margins. Giuliani’s domination of the Republican field is even greater. He leads the next most popular Republican presidential candidate in the state, John McCain, by a margin of 54% to 12%.

But respondents who favored Clinton are more sure of their choice than those who picked Giuliani. 68% of Clinton supporters said they are very sure of their vote, while 45% of Giuliani supporters felt the same way and 54% said their vote may change.

“Sen. Clinton continues to strengthen her position in New Jersey, with more than two-thirds of her supporters saying they plan to stick with her through the primary,” said Tim Vercellotti, Eagleton’s director of polling. “Former mayor Giuliani has further to go in closing the sale with his supporters.”

While Bush’s approval rating was the lowest ever recorded in an Eagleton poll, Vercelotti said that data indicated that many of those disapproving of the president may come back to the Republican party in support of Giuliani.

“The president’s poor showing in New Jersey does not necessarily translate into a drop in support for the Republican Party,” said Vercellotti. “Giuliani appears to be capable of drawing some of those voters back to the party.”

The poll was conducted October 18-23rd and randomly surveyed 856 registered voters, with a margin of error of 3.4%.

New Eagleton poll shows Clinton leading Giuliani in New Jersey