New FDU poll

Voters think New Jersey is headed in the wrong direction by a margin of 2-1, but they’re not taking it out on their elected officials, according to a Farleigh Dickinson University Public Mind poll released today.

Although 59% of voters think the state is headed in the wrong direction, few are willing to cross party lines. 89% of Democrats and 80% of Republicans said that they will stick with their own party’s candidates in next week’s legislative elections.

“Even though so many voters are disgruntled, and even though there are many Republican candidates who are locally popular, voters who are not Republican do not see the Republican Party as the solution,” said pollster Peter Woolley.

Gov. Corzine’s approval rating is 51%, while 29% of voters disapprove. Moreover, 48% of voters have a favorable impression of the governor, while 34% rate their impression of him as unfavorable.

"Even if voters are unhappy with the direction of the state, they don't see this election as a referendum on Jon Corzine," said Woolley.

43 percent of voters have a either a “very favorable” or “somewhat favorable” impression of U.S. Sen. Frank Lautenberg, while 31% were unsure. His colleague, Bob Menendez, had a combined favorability rating of 32%, with the same amount of voters seeing him in an unfavorable light. 36 percent of voters had no opinion of him.

Meanwhile, 85 percent of voters said they had not heard of Attorney General Anne Milgram. New FDU poll