Nibot criticizes Weinberg for holding a grudge

Republican state Senate candidate Clara Nibot says that her opponent, Loretta Weinberg, should not be spending her time fighting with Bergen County Democratic Chairman Joe Ferriero.

Instead, Nibot said, Weinberg should be addressing the $3 billion budget deficit that’s expected next year.

“Instead of wasting her time carrying out a vendetta against the chairman of her political party, Sen. Weinberg should be focusing on addressing the looming state budget crisis that not even Gov. Jon Corzine can ignore,” said Nibot.

Nibot said that the deficit would ultimately lead to higher taxes unless Weinberg and other “Trenton Democrats” cut state spending.

Nibot is running a long-shot campaign against Weinberg in the district 37, which is a Clean Elections district. Although Weinberg and her running mates all gathered the 800 signatures to qualify for full funding under the program, Nibot’s slate did not.

Although Nibot did try to qualify for Clean Elections program, she attacked Weinberg for accepting the funds.

"Now Sen. Weinberg is compounding her abuse of taxpayers by taking $500,000 in public money for her campaign," said Nibot. "The state is headed for a financial crisis and all she can think of is getting her hands on more taxpayer money to advance her political career."

But Weinberg noted that she and her running mates each received $100,000 from the program ($500,000 goes to candidates in swing districts), and that Nibot said at last night's debate that she had no problem with Clean Elections.

"If she would stop wasting paper on silly press releases, we would both have more time to address the looming budget deficit," said Weinberg.

Nibot criticizes Weinberg for holding a grudge