Nobody [Messes] With The Community Bookstore!

Brooklyn-based actor John Turturro has stepped in to help bail out Park Slope’s debt-ridden Community Bookstore, according to Sunday’s New York Times.

Facing foreclosure, the owner of the Seventh Avenue indie retailer, Catherine Bohne, reportedly "offered up to 49 percent ownership in the store to a group of friends willing to put up at least $10,000 apiece," and Mr. Turturro, a frequent customer, was among the first in line.

"[A]ll these great small bookstores and art house movie theaters, so many things I love, are being swallowed up by a supermarket mentality," he told the Times.

It’s a dramatic turn for the actor perhaps best known for his role in 1998’s The Big Lebowski as tongue-wagging alleged child-molester and superstar bowler Jesus Quintana: "Nobody fucks with the Jesus!" Nobody [Messes] With The Community Bookstore!