Ortiz responds to Lyndhurst defections

Bergen County Republican Organization Chairman Rob Ortiz responded today to the Democratic coup in Lyndhurst, where the town’s entire governing board decided to abandon the GOP for the Democrats.

While losing a whole town doesn’t bode well for the county’s beleaguered Republican Party, Ortiz’s response was summed up by the heading of his press release: “Good riddance to bad rubbish.”

Ortiz said that Lyndhurst Mayor Richard Dilascio was already known to be an ally of Bergen County Democratic Chairman Joe Ferriero and of State Sen. Paul Sarlo, and re-hashed the charge that DiLascio was offered county job in exchange for making nice with officials at EnCap, a controversial Bergen County mixed-use development.

"I'm surprised that Joe Ferriero thought that this non-news warranted a press conference, but no one in Bergen County is surprised by today's announcement,” said Ortiz. “It has long been known that Richard DiLascio and his colleagues are under the influence of Ferriero and Paul Sarlo.

DiLascio’s departure from the Republican party had been rumored for months, but the scope of the change – the town’s governing board and 60% of its county committee men and women – took observers by surprise.

Ortiz said that he would fight to get a new breed of Republicans elected in Lyndhurst.

“We now have the opportunity to get real Republicans in office in Lyndhurst come May, not shameless self-promoters who are influenced by the likes of Sarlo and Ferriero,” said Ortiz. Ortiz responds to Lyndhurst defections