Patti Smith Rocks Rimbaud, Injures Elbow

Aging punk poet Patti Smith nearly tumbled off London’s Shepherd’s Bush Empire stage recently, injuring her elbow. She eventually found "balance" and laughed it off, according to NME.

Smith, 60, was in the capital performing one of her Rock N Rimbaud gigs, dedicated to the poet Arthur Rimbaud, when, during a fiery encore of ‘Rock N Roll Nigger’, she tripped on a speaker and fell flat on her face, cutting her elbow.

Despite not getting up for a few agonising seconds, the singer finally rose to loud cheers, humorously following the fall with a speech about "not losing your balance" in life.

She then gave the speaker a kick in retaliation.

"I’m not even fucking embarrassed because I’ve done far worse," Smith laughed. "May [guitars] be the only weapons we use, may tripping up be the only humiliations we suffer, and may these [pointing to her scuffed elbow] be the only battle scars."

Patti Smith Rocks Rimbaud, Injures Elbow