Paul Johnson-Calderon No Longer Kristian Laliberte’s Frenemy

Paul Johnson-Calderon, the social butterfly and assistant to Vogue contributing editor Lauren Davis, wants to set the record straight about his failed attempt to star in a reality TV show with publicist party-boy Kristian Laliberte. (“It’s going to be The Simple Life meets The Hills,” Mr. Laliberte reportedly said.)

“There’s no more show. It’s no longer happening; Vogue won’t let me do it,” Mr. Johnson-Calderon, 24, told the Daily Transom last night at John Allan’s Habitat for Humanity benefit in Stone Rose, a jazz bar on the fourth floor of the Time-Warner Center. “The only way I’d be able to do it is if the show is, like, for MTV, because of The Hills, and I think Condé Nast…I don’t know what the deal is,” he went on, “Lauren was just like, ‘I don’t want you to associate me with this, I don’t want you associating yourself with it,’” he recalled his boss saying.

Mr. Johnson-Calderon went on to explain that he definitely wants to stick with his gig at the fashion glossy, because “I’ve worked hard to get where I am, and I’m happy where I am. I want to work for Vogue [in the future]. And I’m still working on my degree.” He takes classes one day a week at Sarah Lawrence College.

As reported in The Observer last June, Mr. Johnson-Calderon and Mr. Laliberte (the dynamic duo have called themselves “frenemies,” a working title for the now-cadaverous show), were at one time quarreling over the hot pash of Avenue society columnist Peter Davis. In the end, Mr. Davis snubbed the Unruly Heir and went with the Vogue staffer. (At one point during our conversation with Mr. Johnson-Calderon, Mr. Davis called his boyfriend. The call ended with a super-gooey “I love you!”)

Also a guest at the party, Mr. Laliberte’s ears must have been burning, because a few minutes later, he came flying over to Mr. Johnson-Calderon, who was wearing a natty Balenciaga-Yamamoto combo, and planted a kiss on his cheek.

“We’re no longer frenemies,” confided Mr. Johnson-Calderon after Mr. Laliberte had danced out of earshot. “He claimed to be dating my boyfriend Peter Davis, so it’s not really about the friendship thing as much as I’d like it to be. It’s more about Vogue, and I think I used that as a clutch, and you can quote me. I love it; I don’t care anymore. It’s over!”

When not toiling at 4 Times Square, or hitting the books in Bronxville, he said that much of his time is taken up by his work designing a spring/summer line of belts called, of course, P.J.C.

“I’m just sort of glad to be in a very Zen place in my life right now. I cut out the people who,” he stopped, looked around the space, then added: “People who I’m no longer friends with know what they did and that’s all that needs to be said.”

Paul Johnson-Calderon No Longer Kristian Laliberte’s Frenemy