Celebrities de-celebrified

Britney Spears is a spectacular train wreck we can’t help ourselves from watching as we simultaneously bemoan the hell of fame and marvel at America’s pop cupcake’s transformation from sparkly Mouseketeer to puffy, cellulite-laden, poorly dressed, stringy-haired regular person.

The cult Website Planet Hiltron taps into the Schadenfreude of seeing the Beautiful Ones made homely, but without that pesky jolt of guilty human empathy. The site contains impeccably Photoshopped snaps of tabloid regulars doctored to look like more everyday (and generally older) folks: J-Lo and Mark Anthony line-dance in bad velour pants, while a balding Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner appear to be just another overweight, beer-guzzling couple. Paris Hilton, star of the site, becomes a nurse with 1980s bangs.

Beware: These pictures are addictive and can lead to moments of pure glee, proving that while seeing pop stars brought low on the news might not delight, we are perfectly happy to see it done in virtual reality.

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Celebrities de-celebrified