Quinn on the Cancelled Obama Bill Hearing

Christine Quinn is pushing back on the notion that she squashed a hearing on legislation here because it was aimed at supporting a bill in congress authored by Barack Obama. Quinn, a Hillary Clinton supporter, just sent a letter to City Council member Darelene Mealy explainng why the hearing on her bill didn’t take place last week.

“Our intention was to delay, not cancel, this hearing,” Quinn wrote to Mealey, who sponsored the local bill in support of Obama’s Deceptive Practices and Voter Intimidation Prevention Act.

“We find these hearings are most effective when held in conjunction with more complete state or federal legislation. Last week, this bill was still in the process of being amended in Washington.


“Our suggestion to delay this hearing had nothing to do with the bill’s sponsor, Senator Obama. As you know, this bill was included in the Council’s federal agenda.”

Quinn on the Cancelled Obama Bill Hearing