Ragusa Survives in Queens

A Republican source who spent the night counting votes in Queens says that borough’s Republican County Leader, Phil Ragusa, was re-elected, despite a spirited challenge from the faction led by insurgent Bart Haggerty.

The vote, according to one person who was there, was approximately 76 percent for Ragusa and 24 percent for Haggerty, who has waged an interesting battle against the Queens GOP establishment.

(The formula for calculating the votes is a bit complicated. Each Assembly District has a weighted vote depending on the percentage of votes it got in the last gubernatorial election. That percentage is then split 50-50 between two groups. One group is the two district leaders in each AD. The other group consists of the County Committee members within the AD, which vary and can go up to as many as 200 people.)

Anyway, Queens has the largest number of registered Republican voters in the city and control of that county organization is a coveted prize on that side of the aisle. Remember, it’s where Michael Bloomberg’s 2005 Republican primary challenger, Tom Ognibene, came from.

The meeting, held in Glendale, ran late and a number of people who stayed till the end and know exactly what happened are still waking up. More details when they get their coffee.

Ragusa Survives in Queens